Phoenix Rising Studio & Wellness Collective

Love. Light. Community.

The Phoenix Rising Studio & Wellness Collective Mission

The Phoenix Rising Wellness Studio was created to promote wellness in mind, body, and spirit, bring members of the community together with intent of helping and supporting one another, and provide a warm space for the community to connect with each other, explore ideas, and encourage growth.

In addition, the studio’s new Wellness Collective was established to provide a space and like-minded environment to practitioners who bring their experience in the field of wellness and healing modalities to the community.

The goal of the studio is essentially to facilitate the process of people helping other people. If you have a vision of doing something in the community that represents the mission here, get in contact with the studio and let’s make it happen! The studio was created to be a hub for community members who don’t have a presence downtown, but need a way to integrate their ideas, events, and services to downtown Jamestown. If you have an event, class, idea, or talent that you believe would be a betterment to our community, we’d love to hear your ideas and facilitate them.

Studio Events

Pranayama Breathing Class

Pranayama is considered one of the fastest way to raise your consciousness. Feel an energized calm and heightened awareness with the power of breath. You will experience how the breath controls the mind and the mind controls the body. Fall asleep easier and become calm and focused under the control of your own breath.

Sacred Sound & Mantra Meditation

In this class, Jen Gantenbein guides participants through an experience of the unique and powerful Kundalini Yoga practices of using pranayama (breath), mudras (hand positions), mantras (chanting) and meditation.

All are welcome and invited to come and experience this beautiful form of meditation. Participants may sit on meditation cushions on the floor or in chairs if desired.

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

The practice is a blend of breath, movement, mantra, sound, meditation and deep relaxation with the purifying vibrations of a Gong. The “Mother of all Yoga”. All types of yoga have branched off of this royal, spiritual, and physical practice.

Phoenix Rising Wellness Collective

The Phoenix Rising Wellness Collective is a group of genuine and gifted practitioners, experienced in a wide variety of healing modalities, who have come together to form a unified space of wellness of the community. If you’re interested in booking a session, we invite you to explore the practitioners’ pages and find a wellness modality that would be beneficial to you. Modalities include, but are not limited to: Angelic Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Massage Therapy, Medical Intuitive Healing, Reiki, Soul Coach/Hand Analysis, and Ayurvedic Counseling.

Need an event space?


Do you need a space for your event, party, or meeting? With over 2500 square feet of space, kitchen area, and furniture accommodations, we can tailor the space to be conducive to your event. Take a look at the Gallery for pictures and features of this Jamestown historical beauty.